Sunday, April 29, 2007

STOP THE PRESSES !!!!!!!!!!!!

In the last half hour Team Oldie Racing has announced that they have signed former UKGPL hot shoe Nevski to their GTR2 team.

The current Royal Mail driver and wannabee taxi driver will give the old boys at Oldie a much needed fillip following Blunder Mason's decision to take a sabbatical from racing (although rumour has it that Mrs Blunder wont let him come out to play.

Nevski brings a race winning record to Team Oldie who will surely now be taking the fight to the evil empire that is Team Shark Racing

A big welcome to Nevski

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tinman takes first Team Oldie podium

Last Thursday Tom"Tinman"Cooper capped a momentous year by recording Team Oldie Racing's first online podium by finishing 3rd in the UKGTL league race. Having recovered from a heart bypass operation in October the curmudgeonly old bugger went from painting the cars to painting the town as he swept to the podium at Donington. Donington holds a special place in his (albeit) new heart as this is the only real life track he has driven (and it scared the crap out of him LOL). His team mates Young Martin and Oilseal finished 7th and 9th pushing the fledgling team into tying for 1st place in the league

In a tearful ceremony his wife was overcome and was heard to mutter "Oh great" while his cynical sister in law asked if that was good then and how much does he get. The mercenary.

Tinman is already back behind the wheel for the next GTR2 race at Hockenheim and pushing his new protege Young Martin and the mentally fragile Mike "Oilseal" Cooper to follow suit.

Oh these are great days to be in Team Oldie Racing.

On the downside Tom has been seen to be morphing into a Ron Dennis lookalike and has been heard referring to his team mates as Cooper and Mason and Mrs Tinman says she's heard him talking in his sleep about buiding new headquarters (Gulp)

Please call back for more exciting news

Team Oldie Racing

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Scoop: Team Oldie swoop in January window

Team Oldie Racing has made a decisive swoop into the driver market. They have picked up talented Martin "Blunder" Mason before anyone has had the chance to tell him anything about them.
"Young" Martin as he has become affectonately dubbed by his team mates brings youff (he's only in his 40's and rumour has it he could be a closet Val Doonican fan) and , as his age befits, lightening reflexes.

Speaking from his home Martin said he was impressed by Team Oldie's level of committment and the fact that they had more cars painted than any other team. Already Martin has been integrated into the team's extensive test program and chief tester and painter Tom "Tinman " Cooper says the team is expecting great things from Young Martin and hopes he may break into the Top 15.

Hopefully Martin will make his debut at Monza this Tuesday and he has indicated that he has already booked a table at Pizza Hut on Tuesday to "get in the mood". Team Oldie took this in the context of racing and have not spoken to Mrs Blunder. Ahem.

Please stay tuned for more info

Mike "Oilseal" Cooper

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Has it been so long?????

Has it really been so long since my last post. Well, it has been a really busy time for all at Team Oldie Racing.
For starters I have become a grandad to Viktor Tom Cooper on September 25th. Viktor is the first member of the Swedish branch of the family. Welcome Viktor.

In keeping with our Team Oldie status Tom has had a successful heart bypass operation which has given him his new racing nickname of "Tinman". I'm sure the more literate of you will get it LOL

And very much in keeping with the Team Oldie work ethic he learned to paint cars for our new GTR2 team. As you can see from the pics here "you can teach an old dog new tricks"

The team is keeping up its assault on both GTL and GTR2 with moderate results. The guys over at UKGTL and UKGTR are a real treat to race with.

I'll try to keep this more up to date but you never know

Mike "Oilseal" Cooper

Monday, August 14, 2006

Team Oldie Expands

As of today the Brothers Cooper have been joined in their GTL endeavours by ace Bristolian racer Baz "Safety Fast" West.

Team Oldie swooped for their new signing after learning he was unattached and plenty old enough to fill the teams exacting criteria. Yes he is old. Although at 54 he will be joining in the team as the young lad and will be known as young Mr Baz.

Having raced in GPL for more years than he can remember with the Hiki Waza team he is fluent in many languages but sadly, not in the teams native Yorkshire dialect. As Baz is a Bristolian he will not be understood, a condition that will surely not hinder this team.

The picture shown here was taken some time ago at a Proles meeting at Donington Park. We believe the 'tache was Baz's attempt to emulate either Nigel Mansell or Lec Walensa and cannot vouch that he still sports the upper lip brush. I had to crop the picture as also in the picture is Woodee who looks about 13 and not old enough to reach the pedals of a racing car

Welcome Baz

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Team Oldies new cars

Team Oldie has taken delivery of its new racing fleet. The colour scheme was designed and painted by MaddRip. We think he has done a tremendous job. The renders you see here were supplied by Dave Gymer. This just leaves the Lotus Cortina to kit out in the team colours.

This is another example of the kind of guys who race in the UKGTL series. Thanks to Matthew and Dave for their time and skill

We'll be keeping you updated on our race progress as the season unwinds


Friday, July 07, 2006

Rogues Gallery

Tom Cooper Mike Cooper

So you'll know us if you bump into us somewhere

Back in the Saddle

After almost a year the Team Oldie racers are back in the saddle.

After updating to v1.5 of GTR and then discovering the league wasn't going that way the grumpy old buggers decided they were not going to follow suit threw the dummy out and they dropped out.

In the meantime Tom "Hannu Spannu" Cooper with loads of time on his hands found and loved GTL. Once again he set off on an epic testing quest (well he is retired and got loads of spare time). So donning his Ross Brawn overalls and specs he singlehandedly dragged TeamOldie Racing back to life.

After competing in the UKGTL league he has finally tempted his HARD WORKING brother back behind the wheel of those wonderful GTL machines and join in the fun of the UKGTL Ladder.

After 3 races the team is in 4th spot (dont ask us why) but by some obscure mathematical formula UKGTL head honcho Dave Gymer makes it all work.

The racing has been of a particularly high standard (for online) where drivers talents are usually in inverse proportion to their egos. The league has now embarked on a skins project to try to get all teams with their own distinctive paint jobs to make car recognition easier. A fact appreciated by the slower Mike "Oilseal" Cooper who is making a career out of being overtaken.

As the season progresses I'll keep all interested readers up to date.

Well!! until GTR 2 is released anyway.

Mike "Oilseal" Cooper